In the field of locksmith work and general engineering our company is focused on the following fields, in which it has long-term experience:

Steel constructions
  • manufacture and installation of supporting steel structures for technological equipment, pipelines, power cable lines
  • manufacture and installation of auxiliary structures to transport equipment (belt and roller conveyors)
  • operating and auxiliary footbridges to industrial plants, to storage, forces, etc.
  • reconstruction and repair of the existing steel structures
Installation, repair and maintenance of gas appliances in the scope
  • distribution (group Ag1)
  • equipment for gas consumption by burning (Group Ah)
  • distribution of gas  pressure up to 0.4 MPa including (Gas Appliances group BG1)
  • equipment for gas consumption by combustion with a power from 5 kW to 0.5 MW
  • service of burners for industrial furnaces - control and parameter setting, measurement of flue gas with the issuance of registration protocol for measuring flue gas
Installation, repair and maintenance of pressure equipment in the scope
  • pressure vessels, IV. Class - a group of Ab1
  • pressure vessels, III. Class - Group Ab2
  • pressure vessels, II. Class - Group Bb1
  • pressure vessels, IV. Class - Group Bb2
  • pipelines, whose working medium is water steam or hot water, Class I - Group Bd1
  • pipelines, whose working medium is air, II. Class - Group Bd2
  • safety devices against breaching the highest pressure - group Be1
  • safety devices to ensure the monitoring and maintenance of working temperature - Group
  • Be2 safety devices to ensure monitoring of water level - group Be3      
  • installation of hydraulic wiring and equipment for operating machinery and manufacturing technology
  • repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment and distribution
  • procurement of spare parts for hydraulic circuits
  • installation, repair and maintenance of pipelines of drinking water, including the supply and installation of sanitary equipment
  • installation, repair and maintenance of industrial water pipelines, including supply and assembly of fittings, valves, dampers and other mounting accessories
  • installation, repair and maintenance of distribution systems for waste water
Working machinery, manufacturing equipment, technological lines
  • placing of machinery, industrial equipment, technological lines, including unloading and transport to destinations
  • repair of mechanical parts of machinery and production equipment
  • procurement and production of spare parts
  • machinery metalworking, tool
  • constructional work, creating drawing documentation for the adjustment of  equipment, machinery and so on.
  • installation of conveyors, conveyor systems, including setting and implementing requisite adjustments
Lifting equipment - mechanical part
  • installation of lifting equipment, including measurement and commissioning
  • reconstruction, repair and maintenance of mechanical parts of lifting equipment
  • maintenance and repair of the grasped loads
  • exchange of functional units and mechanical assemblies
  • realization of technical control of mechanical lifting devices - inspection activities
Ventilation and air conditioning
  • installation, repair and maintenance of Air Conditioning - air supply, air exhaust from production facilities
  • maintenance of filtration for exhaust ventilation
  • installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioners
  • replacement of mechanical units on industrial ventilation, including the procurement of spare parts 
Installation, transfer, and production of packaging lines in food industry
  • removal of individual knobs and line components of the original spatial layout
  • procurement of specialized parts needed for adjusting the transposed lines
  • transfer and accurate fitting of  various parts according to layout drawing
  • adjustment of mechanical parts - where necessary, it can be extended, shortened or re-routing the sectional conveyors, adjustments of load-bearing structures, adding covers, barriers, mechanical interlocks, etc.
  • connection linesto individual distributor - compressed air, cooling water, electric supply and exhaust ventilation, electric energy assistance and control supervision during the trial operation

Structures from composite materials
  • manufacture and installation of components for waste water treatment plants
  • manufacture and installation of auxiliary structures for buildings - bridges, ladders, working platforms, railings   
Work from assembly platforms
  • work activities in the area of installation, repair and maintenance in interiors of buildings
  • assembly work, repairs and maintenance of outdoor areas
  • provision of platforms for lease - negotiated price
Parameters of assembly platforms

General description:              telescopic platform with double movable arms

Model Number:                     GSR E180PX

Location of the device:          Nissan CABSTAR

Maximum working height:    17.9 m

Maximum outreach:              7.6 m

Cage capacity:                       220.0 kg

Rotation of working cage:      +/- 70 °

Rotation of platform:             450 °


    We have very good experience, especially in the field of metal products, hydraulic equipment and metalwork. I highly appreciate the ability of workers at editing application programs in the control systems according to the requirements and needs of changes in technology of manufacturing process.    


Ing. Stanislav Repiský, Maintenance department, ZF Levice, s.r.o.


    Within its own initiative, the workers of f. ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. are always willing to advise and help to solve various technical problems.​    


Jozef Salay, Nemak Slovakia s.r.o.


    With work and the current approach our clients and we are satisfied so far. In case of failure, workers of ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. are willing to come quickly to resolve the issue.    


BYTSPOL, s.r.o.


    In the  current cooperation, we have managed to satisfy the demands of our customers and therefore I evaluate it as very good and mutually beneficial.    


Radoslav Pagáč, managing PROFE, s.r.o.


    Employees of the company ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. showed their high work skill and commitment, the ability to quickly eliminate operating faults and malfunctions on machines and to propose the most suitable way of reconstruction and overhaul. To the previously acquired experience ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. we express a high level of satisfaction.​    


Ing. Jozef Urblík, manging Remeslo Strojal spol. s r.o.


    We appreciate the consistency in the realization of plan to carry out professional inspections and tests - the timetable for the review activities. We are very pleased that during the realization of the installation work the employees of this company observe the principles of safety as well as our internal directives and regulations.​    


Miroslav Mazúr, specialist electrical OU, SLOVALCO, a.s.


    The course of work was well coordinated and did not restrict us in production activities. At the same time we appreciate the thoroughness with which the personnel of ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. approached to modify the external surfaces – to their original condition after work.​    


Jozef Valent, THERMO/SOLAR Žiar, s.r.o.


    I evaluate the up-to-the-present co-operation as very good, because the workers of this company have been very helpful to us even at urgent repair situation – with their fast action they prevented the formation of large losses from downtime.    


František Valent, hl. mechanic VUM, a.s.