Our company ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. was founded on 14th October 2004. The main areas of action at that time were maintenance, repair, reconstruction, installation and inspection of electrical equipment such as industrial machines, production technology, lifting equipment, including high and low current installations. We realized most performances for businesses in the industrial area of ZSNP, Inc. With the development of our company, we gradually expand its operations in Slovakia and abroad. At the same time the range of services went up and even in the field of locksmithing, metal fabrication and welding.

In line with the main trends in industrial electronics and electrical engineering, we started to use frequency inverters, servo drives, programmable control systems with the renovation and overhaul of machines and technologies. For crane technology we started to use radio remote control. Mechanical switches were replaced by contactless sensors, linear and incremental rotary encoders of position in the course of reconstruction and repairs. Residential communities were added to our list of clients, mainly in the area of ​​repair, reconstruction or replacement of lightning rod system, internal high-voltage installations, weak current wiring for audio or video access systems.


To ensure the continuous improvement of the level of our work, we have introduced the quality management system since 11th June 2007 according to ISO 9001:2001, which we maintain and use in our business activities without interruption.




In the area of locksmith work and general engineering our company is focused on the following fields.



In the field of electrical equipment our company is intended for the following disciplines and sectors.



In a residential community our company is focused on the following disciplines and sectors.