Our company is intended for the following departments in the field of electrical equipment:

Heavy-current electrical installation and wiring
  • heavy current cable in industrial plants and buildings, indoor and outdoor, in all kinds of surroundings
  • industrial electrical installations dustproof busbar systems
  • repair and reconstruction of high voltage connections in apartment buildings and public buildings
  • temporary and construction site electrical installations
  • temporary electrical connections and electrical connections
  • electrical installations of special purpose – under-floor heating systems, system for tempering - protection of downspouts, gutters, inlets including regulatory systems for controlled ventilation, etc.
Light-current electrical installations
  • service, repair, design and installation of new weak-current wiring for audio and video communication systems in apartment buildings, in both analogue and digital version
  • installing low voltage distribution systems for industrial applications such as central data collection as part of monitoring consumption of electricity, natural gas, gathering data from the measurement of physical quantities
  • installation of data wiring for computer networks and data communication networks for technological processes

Lightning rod system
  • lightning rod installation systems for industrial buildings, residential buildings and residential houses, including the grounding
  • repair and reconstruction of lightning rod systems
  • grounding systems for protective and functional purposes for external piping, technological equipment, distributional equipment and others.
Electrical supply equipment
  • design, production and installation of switchboards and distribution boards for various building structures - houses, residential buildings, industrial buildings and production facilities
  • manufacturing and installation of switchboards for the supply of technological equipment and production lines
  • design, supply and commissioning of switchboards for controlling  the manufacturing systems and processes
  • design, manufacture and installation of heavy-current switchboards for construction sites and temporary wiring installations
  • design, delivery and recovery of compensatory switchboards, including special applications – e.g., protected compensation for networks with higher harmonic sources (Frequency Drives), quick compensation to the premises with appliances with non-linear and fast changing electricity consumption (strong welding machine)       
Welding technology
  • routine maintenance and servicing of welding equipment
  • specialized repair of electronic parts of welding machines – repairs of control and power units
  • providing specialized utility material for welding machines
  • ensuring authorized service  for special cases
Working machinery and technological equipment
  • operative repair of machinery and technological equipment in operation
  • inspections and preventive repairs of equipment to enhance the operational reliability of machines and technologies
  • reconstruction, modernization or replacement of electric equipment of machinery, industrial equipment, technological lines - delivery and installation of sensors, linear measuring of position, incremental rotary encoders, control switchboards
  • replacement of electrical control circuits for blocking, running, safe operation of machinery and technology control systems PLC (Simatic S7-1200) with appropriate sensors and actuators, creation of software, including its adjustment and fine-tuning during the trial operation
  • replacement of classic drive with drive with frequency inverters, stepper motors and servo-drivers with appropriate control - design of the most appropriate drive with power supply, setting optimal parameters, installation, connection and testing with subsequent fine-tuning of static and dynamic quantities of drive.
Electric hand tools
  • repair and maintenance of electric hand tools
  • control and inspection of electric hand tools
  • provision of spare parts

Lifting equipment - Electrical components
  • preventive inspections and repairing electric equipment of lifting facilities
  • replacement of electrical wiring and instrument fillings of crane switchgears
  • replacing stepped contactor control of drive with drive with frequency converters
  • replacement of mechanical safety devices with electronic
  • equipping crane with radio remote control
  • replacement of classical contact lines with trailing cable or with indoor profiled contact lines   
Solar energy
  • expert advice on choosing solar systems - photovoltaic installations (power plants - convert solar energy into electricity and are operated with an external network, or without connection to work in autonomous mode or hybrid systems for both modes of operation), or systems with solar collectors ( convert solar energy into heat)
  • design of solar system with the specification of technical parameters of individual components (needed space, position and orientation of solar panels, the necessary capacity of batteries, power of inverter, etc.
  • processing of project and other documents for approval of plan to realize a photovoltaic power plant by the state authorities for energy
  • realization of the solar system - supply and installation of components, recovery, performing control and preparation for commissioning - network connection
  • Assistance with the possibility of obtaining state subsidies for the solar system implementation
  • maintenance and upgrading of existing solar systems - solar power plant
Control and inspection of selected electrical equipment
  • revision of electrical parts of industrial machines, technological equipment, production lines and, etc.
  • revision of lifting equipment
  • revision of electrical heavy current installations, distribution facilities, transformer stations
  • revision of lightning rod and grounding systems
  • thermography of switchboards, power switches, transformers and other electrical equipment
  • provision of official tests at authorized organizations
Preparation of project documentation
  • working-out project documentation for new equipment and installations when the project documentation was not valid as part of the order
  • revising and supplementing existing documentation according to real execution of completed work
  • preparation of missing documentation to existing facilities

    We have very good experience, especially in the field of metal products, hydraulic equipment and metalwork. I highly appreciate the ability of workers at editing application programs in the control systems according to the requirements and needs of changes in technology of manufacturing process.​    


Ing. Stanislav Repiský, Maintenance Department, ZF Levice, Ltd.


    Within its own initiative, the workers of f. ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. are always willing to advise and help to solve various technical problems.    


Jozef Salay, Nemak Slovakia s.r.o.


    With work and the current approach our clients and we are satisfied so far. In case of failure, workers of ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. are willing to come quickly to resolve the issue.    




    In the  current cooperation, we have managed to satisfy the demands of our customers and therefore I evaluate it as very good and mutually beneficial.​    


Radoslav Pagáč, Managing PROFE, s.r.o.


    Employees of the company ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. showed their high work skill and commitment, the ability to quickly eliminate operating faults and malfunctions on machines and to propose the most suitable way of reconstruction and overhaul. To the previously acquired experience ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. we express a high level of satisfaction.​    


Ing. Jozef Urblík, Manager Remeslo Strojal spol. s r.o.


    We appreciate the consistency in the realization of plan to carry out professional inspections and tests - the timetable for the review activities. We are very pleased that during the realization of the installation work the employees of this company observe the principles of safety as well as our internal directives and regulations.    


Miroslav Mazúr, specialist electrical OU, SLOVALCO, a.s.


    The course of work was well coordinated and did not restrict us in production activities. At the same time we appreciate the thoroughness with which the personnel of ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. approached to modify the external surfaces – to their original condition after work.​    


Jozef Valent, THERMO/SOLAR Žiar, Ltd.


    I evaluate the up-to-the-present co-operation as very good, because the workers of this company have been very helpful to us even at urgent repair situation – with their fast action they prevented the formation of large losses from downtime.    


František Valent, hl. mechanic VUM, a.s.