Our company offers its services for houses, apartment buildings and buildings of public utilities in the following areas:

LV electrical connections

LV electrical connections, connections and supply lines into buildings, including repairs, maintenance

Replacement and repair

Replacement and repair of main high voltage connections such as risers power lines, power supply to Consumer Units

Reconstruction of installations

Reconstruction of installations for lighting of corridors, staircases and other common areas, upgrading of lighting control by Twilight switches and movement detectors

Installation and repair

Installation, repair and reconstruction of lightning rod system, if necessary by completion or revision of grounding system

Supplies and repairs

Supplies, repairs, reconstruction of switchboards, distribution boards, electric meter cabinets

Repair and maintenance

Repair, maintenance of existing weak-current wiring for analogue and digital access systems


Installation of new digital access systems in a version for audio and video according to customer requirements

Carrying out inspections and tests

Implementation of regular or resource professional inspections and testing of electrical equipment

Preparation of project documentation

Preparation of project documentation for investment projects, actualization, completing the existing documentation, preparation of documentation of actual realization


    We have very good experience, especially in the field of metal products, hydraulic equipment and metalwork. I highly appreciate the ability of workers at editing application programs in the control systems according to the requirements and needs of changes in technology of manufacturing process.    


Ing. Stanislav Repiský, Maintenance department, ZF Levice, s.r.o.


    We appreciate the consistency in the realization of plan to carry out professional inspections and tests - the timetable for the review activities. We are very pleased that during the realization of the installation work the employees of this company observe the principles of safety as well as our internal directives and regulations.    


Miroslav Mazúr, specialist electrical OU, SLOVALCO, a.s.


    The course of work was well coordinated and did not restrict us in production activities. At the same time we appreciate the thoroughness with which the personnel of ELMONT-ZH, Ltd. approached to modify the external surfaces – to their original condition after work.    


Jozef Valent, THERMO/SOLAR Žiar, s.r.o.